Who We Are

December 2, 2017

Who We Are:
Jeremy Elrod and Clay Ebersold. Jeremy has a BS in Building Science from Auburn University and Clay a BS in Construction Engineering from the University of Alabama. Our combined experience in the construction field pushes over 25 years. We love the process and the art of building. Up until June of 2017, we worked together at a construction company here in Birmingham. Non-coincidentally, neither one of us liked what we saw when looking down the road of our career paths. Less time with our families and promotions into roles that grew further away from the heart of construction made us cringe. Living in a world where we couldn’t take people at face value and always looking out for the hidden agenda, was unnatural and unsettling to us. We decided to make a change. We traded in climbing the corporate ladder for building the corporate ladder and thus Canebrake Co. was born.

What We Do:
We inspect houses and we improve houses through renovations. Put simply, we love everything about houses. How they’re built, when they were built, the design, the craftsmanship or lack thereof, the feel of them and most importantly how each and every person makes it into a home. We love putting our knowledge and experience to work to help people make sure they’re making a wise investment in their home whether through inspecting before a purchase or through renovating to increase the value. Our home inspections are aimed at identifying current or future problems for potential or existing homeowners. We let you know what’s wrong and how big or small of a deal it really is. We like to think our inspections are well-balanced. With Jeremy’s muddy boots building science degree and Clay’s bookworm engineering degree, it’s the right mixture of meticulous scrutiny and common sense reassurance. We love getting our hands dirty too. We do most of our renovations ourselves, but know when it’s better to let an expert handle it (like, plumbing or electrical). We feel that much of the skilled workforce in the construction industry has been lost to white collar jobs, of which we were apart of. So, for as long as we can, we’re going to keep putting our work gloves on, but don’t worry, we still wear collared shirts.

Why We Do It:
There are many reasons, but more than anything, we do it for our families. Isn’t that why you do what you do? I sure hope it is. We sought out to start Canebrake because the tracts we were on were only pathways to working really dang hard for a really long time to end up at places that we really didn’t want to be. In the blink of an eye we knew we would be 15 years down the road, our kids would be grown and we would be wondering what happened. Sound familiar? Yes, we do all of this because we love building and yes we do it because we love helping people with things that maybe they don’t understand… but selfishly, we do it because we love our families and we seek to provide careers for ourselves that allow optimum time with them while providing a healthy, not excessive, living too. We don’t want to live in a world where we have to choose between working late to look good in front of the boss and coaching our kids’ sports teams. That’s about as honest as we can be about that.

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